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EPoS v4 released – Reservations now available in your venues

Chris Young
26 Sep 2016 3min read

We have had a big couple of weeks here at Kobas. We released phase one of our reservations project last week, and phase two has now arrived in quick succession. Significantly, phase two marks the release of Kobas EPoS v4, and with it the ability to retrieve reservations created in Cloud on EPoS.

Version 4 of our EPoS is an exciting milestone for us, and the Cloud to EPoS reservations integration that comes with it is a highly anticipated feature for many of our clients.


Some of you will have already checked out how reservations work in Cloud, and will have seen how easy it is to create a reservation and add payments. Today’s release connects those reservations created in Cloud to the tills in your venues, ensuring a simple experience for both you and your customers from the creation to completion of a reservation.

There is a new Reservations button on the Admin menu of your EPoS that opens a list view of all the reservations created for that venue in Cloud. All the reservations scheduled for today’s date are displayed by default, but there are tabs for future and past reservations too. These are all fully searchable to help you track down a reservation quickly and easily.

Reservations can be assigned to a tab, and any deposits added in Cloud are added to the tab as credit. If you use Kobas Loyalty, then the customer attached to the reservation will earn loyalty points when the tab is settled.


Phase 3 of our Reservations project is next on our agenda, which will bring the ability to create and edit reservations on EPoS. Keep an eye out for this in the coming weeks!

We’ll be rolling out Kobas EPoS v4 to all venues in the coming days. There’s no extra cost involved, so if you’d like to start using reservations on EPoS contact support for any questions you may have.

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