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EPoS v2.14 brings kitchen instructions, course swaps, cloakroom support and much more

Neil Mukerji
20 Mar 2014 3min read

All about Kobas EPoS v2.14

Our latest EPoS update focusses on communication with the Kitchen, but also has some tasty treats for other departments. It’ll be available from Monday 24th March 2014.

Kitchen instructions

Having selected a tab, you can now quickly send basic instructions to the kitchen, helping you maintain a high standard of service with less effort.

Kitchen Instructions

Food category swaps

Our kitchen dockets naturally print orders in categories – typically Starters and then Mains. When a customer wants to order a dish to arrive with a different course (e.g. a starters as a main course), it’s now quick and easy to reassign it on the till. Just tap the options button by an item in the basket, and choose the category (course) to which it should be assigned.

Course swaps

iPad receipt printer targeting

When an iPad (or any tablet or till that doesn’t have a printer attached) requests a tab receipt, you can now choose the printer. Handy for larger venues with multiple printers.

Printer targeting

Cloakroom ticket functionality

We can now configure our printers to print a pair of work dockets with the number of tickets sold that session. This means you have a matching pair of tickets with a unique number, one for the customer, and one for the hanger – perfect for basic cloakroom ticket functionality.

Cloakroom ticket

Other improvements

As ever we’ve made a bunch of performance and stability improvements. For those who specify the number of covers on a tab, we’ve added “Average Spend Per Head” to the User and Till Reports. We’ve ensured that tabs are always listed alphabetically and numerically if only numbers are specified. We’ve added the ability to restrict which members of staff can set or remove service charges from tabs.

We hope these improvements contribute to a positive experience for our Kobas EPoS customers!

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