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EPoS Menu Layout Manager

Dan Gilligan
12 Dec 2019 3min read

Today sees the release of a completely new EPoS Menu Layout Manager, and we’re happy to say that it is going to make the lives of anyone managing menus a lot quicker, easier, and simpler.

We have completely overhauled the user interface of this page and this means that we’ve been able to add a whole raft of new features, including a very first for the Kobas platform!


The star of this show is the entrance of drag-and-drop functionality to the Kobas stage. If you’ve picked the wrong slot on your menu, don’t fear, as your item can be moved to a different location in seconds. We have even added a new “parking space” feature that allows PLUs to be stored off-menu, but on-screen, so that they can be quickly moved between different menu pages.

Palette Mode

This page probably sees the most use from the average Kobassian, as our team builds menus ahead of installs at new venues; so, we have no shortage of useful internal feedback!

One of the key points we heard about old menu creator was that it was a real pain to colour up the PLUs. Each PLU would then need to be individually coloured and saved by clicking into each item individually and saving.

Our new palette mode allows users to “paint” their menu. So, add all the PLUs that you need, and then set blocks of colour, quick as a flash. No bother if you change your mind, it won’t take long to change it back!

Item Picker

An all new Item Picker will “remember” the categories that you select. So, if you’re whizzing through the “Wines” section of your menu, you can select your “Red Wines”, “White Wines”, and “Rosé Wines” categories and the picker will cache those so that the next time you open the picker, only those categories are open, making things a lot clearer and cleaner.

If you need to add or remove a category, the ‘memory’ will change, and you can keep only relevant things on the screen at any one time.


We’re hoping this new creator will make life a lot easier for our users, and we’re delighted to bring drag-and-drop functionality to the platform. This was our first application written in the JavaScript Library “React”, a package that will help us write evermore intuitive user interfaces. So, look forward to the new things we’ve got planned!

It’s likely this will be our last major release for the year. In January, we will return with our new “Customer Interaction Centre”, which includes a rewrite of our existing loyalty portal, along with a “Customer Facing Allergen Identifier” that we are very proud of indeed.

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