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Customer Receipts

Chris Young
08 Apr 2016 3min read

Rewards are undeniably one of the most immediate incentives for a customer to join your loyalty scheme, but there are more ways that setting up a loyalty account can further benefit your customers.

One such benefit is having easy access to details of their purchase history. This is a great way to encourage customers’ trust and confidence in their interactions with your business. With this in mind, today’s release gives your customers the ability to view their receipts by accessing their account on your loyalty site.

When logging into your loyalty site, customers were previously able to see the time and place they made a purchase, but if they wanted to go into detail they would have to get in contact with you.

Now that the receipt functionality has been added customers can easily retrieve exact details, such as: what they bought, how they paid, whether they paid a service charge, and even which staff member served them. Receipts can be viewed whether on desktop or mobile, and customers have the option of printing the receipt if need be.

loyalty receipts screenshot

If you aren’t currently using Kobas’s loyalty scheme and would like to know more about it then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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