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Compensation Options on EPoS

Liz Longley
16 Oct 2017 3min read

Our team here at Kobas have been working on a great new feature, which we think will make life easier for our till and cloud users alike. This feature will allow the addition of a Compensation, Director, or Waste reason to be added on EPoS, and will shortly appear on the Discount Report.

We all know life isn’t perfect, and sometimes a burger is a little too well-done, or we drop an entire tray full of food; not that I’m speaking from experience at all…

With this new feature, life’s “oops” moments can be recorded in detail, along with more planned reasons, such as a staff lunch.

Where To Find This?

You will find the option to select a Compensation, Director or Waste reason from a drop down list. These lists are accessible within a customer tab, by selecting “Admin” next to an order item, the relevant comp category, and you will see this screen and a drop down list of the options.

If the reason is a bit more complicated than the option, jot down a more detailed description in the “Notes” section below.

You can also choose a compensation option for items that are in your basket, by selecting Admin > Log Special Order. Here you will see the same screen as in the customer tab section.

While this new feature can be a great option for some companies, if you don’t feel you need any further explanation for your comp reasons, then you can keep your EPoS just the way it is.

If you’d like to get started using this feature¬†you can simply send over an email to our support desk detailing what options you would like, and we’ll have that added for you in no time. As always, keep checking back to see what updates we have in store!

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