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Cash Log Report Exports, Service Charge Exclusions and much more

Neil Mukerji
26 May 2015 3min read

Today sees the launch of significant updates to both Kobas Cloud and Kobas EPoS, so here’s a summary of the new and exciting things you can do.

Financial Improvements

For those with a keen eye for the figures we’re pleased to announce the arrival of CSV Exports for Cash Log Reports. We’ve also streamlined the Sales Budget manager complete with customised CSV files, so now it’s easier than ever to set your labour spend budgets.

Stock Management Improvements

Hot on the heels of last month’s all new Stock Transfer Manager, based on your feedback we’ve made some incremental improvements to make it easier to find pending orders and transfers when they arrive at your venue.

EPoS Upgrades

In Kobas Cloud we’ve overhauled the EPoS Post Item Selection Configuration manager – it’s always nice to spruce up a section and make it fresh. We also added the ability to flag EPoS Item Categories as being exempt from service charges. This is handy if you provide table service but also sell items to go – now those items to go won’t rack up a service charge or need to be put on a separate bill.

Coming Soon

We’ve bundled in a couple of important behind the scenes upgrades that won’t yield any direct benefit just yet but do pave the way for valuable features to come. The first will let you put a PLU on your menu in more than one place. This will allow an EPoS page of commonly sold items to be created, while also supporting those commonly used PLUs on relevant category pages.

The second ensures that all receipts are uploaded behind the scenes to Kobas Cloud. In time you’ll be able to search for those receipts and even email them out to customers. If you use our customer loyalty scheme, your customers will also be able to look up their historic receipts online.

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