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Cash Log Additions: Average Spend Per Transaction

Dan Gilligan
22 Feb 2016 3min read

Following client feedback, we have made some recent additions to the Cash Log report that will provide you with an even greater depth of detail when reviewing your daily sales.

Depending on the consumption modes you have available in your venue, you will see up to 6 extra lines in your Cash Log report. These are: Orders Taken (of which Eat-In, Takeaway, or Delivery) and Average Net Transaction Value (of which Eat-In, Takeaway, or Delivery). These lines are automatically populated from information stored on your EPoS server.

Please note that we draw a distinction between orders and transactions; orders account for the number of times that items are rung through your till, whereas transactions are where a payment is made. If you don’t run a tab system in your venue then orders and transactions should be the same, but if you do run a tab system then the number of orders may be larger than the number of transactions; this also means that the Orders Taken line does not directly correlate with the Average Net Transaction Value.

Orders Taken

Orders Taken

As the screenshot above demonstrates, the Cash Log now displays the number of orders taken in each session, along with a running total for the week. If you run multiple consumption modes then we will provide a breakdown of the number of each order, allowing you to compare the performance of each mode you cater for.

Average Net Transaction Value

Average value

As the information bubble in the screenshot above shows, the Average Net Transaction Value shows the average money taken when a bill is settled, once all deductions such as tax have been taken into account. As with Orders Taken, if you only use one consumption mode then we will only display your chosen mode. We also calculate the weekly average, in order to allow you to compare your performance on a daily basis, as well as week-on-week.

Those are all the changes that we have made for now and hopefully these will give you an ever greater breadth of scope of reporting. We have also recalculated session data in order to provide you with a historical track of this information, which will give you a good idea of how these metrics have developed over your time with KOBAS.

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