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All New Rota Creator

Dan Gilligan
06 Dec 2017 3min read

Following a closed beta with some of our clients, our long fabled, brand new rota creator is now live! It has taken us longer than we’d hoped, but we are really excited to announce such a powerful new feature, and one that is such a marked improvement on its predecessor.

We’ve had a lot of feedback for the legacy rotas package over the years and one of the main notes that we got in that time was that the lack of a visual representation of hours in a day made it hard for managers to ensure that their venues were correctly staffed, without having to pore over each shift.

With that message received, our designers have created a linear Gantt chart, filterable by Front and Back-of-House, as well as individual rota roles; thus ensuring that an instant overview of hours is accessible at the click of a button.

Our second main objective was to make sure that the chart wasn’t simply a representation of data, but also fully interactive.

With that in mind, each shift can be manipulated with mouse clicks rather than keystrokes, and so shifts can be shunted 15 minutes into the past or future, or extended and reduced at will. Perfect for any final tweaks that need to be made when it doesn’t quite look right.

Despite the change in appearance, we’ve built this on the same foundations as its predecessor, which means that you still have access to the same powerful financial calculations as before, and you can still use templates that you’ve already created in your account. We’ve made sure to add functionality rather than remove it, so you’ll also have access to a weekly overview, and the ability to copy shifts from one staff to another, unassign shifts and move shifts.

There’s far too much that’s new for us to write here, but if you’d like to get started immediately, please get in touch with our support team. If you’re not quite ready, then never fear, our account management team will reach out soon.

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