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All New EPoS Bill Splitting

Dan Gilligan
28 Jun 2017 3min read

It’s with great excitement that we are able to show off our latest update; one that we know will make a massive impact for our users.

So without further ado, we are excited to announce that Kobas now supports bill splitting!

While you were previously able to split off entire orders into different tabs, we have now extended this functionality to allow individual items to be moved with ease, making short work of long bills.

How To

To start your first foray into the world of split bills, simply access a tab as normal.

You will notice that your Merge button has been transformed into the brand new Merge/Split button.

Once selected, this button will give you the option to either merge the entire tab into another, or to split items off individually.

Using the tick boxes you can select each item you wish to move. Please note that if your items are discounted on their original tab, they will lose this discount once they are moved. Of course, if they trigger a discount in the new tab, they’ll be reduced there as well.

In the image above, moving one of the cocktails on the 2-4-1 deal will mean that the discount will be removed and both tabs will have a full price cocktail. If you move one of the cocktails onto a tab that also has a cocktail, then the new tab will have two discounted cocktails. Neat!

When splitting your items, you can choose an existing tab or a brand new one. So you can do this at the point of payment or ahead of time, to prevent any snarl ups at the card machine!

That’s all for this post, but as always, we’ve a number of cool features on the horizon. So, check in soon!

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