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A Bumper Week of Updates

Dan Gilligan
28 Feb 2017 3min read

We’ve had a bumper edition of updates at Kobas HQ in the past week, with improvements being made across Cloud and EPoS. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the changes that are most likely to make an immediate impact on the way your team work, from front-of-house to administration.

All Item Sales Report: Sales By Operator

We have a number of clients who run in house competitions to reward staff members who sell the most of a specific item, from promotional drinks to loyalty cards. Whilst you could get this information within Kobas Cloud, getting this for a date range would have been no small task.

To make things easier for all parties, we’ve now included this information within the All Item Sales by Date Range report, meaning you can get a per staff breakdown of sales for all of your items  across any range that you need. You can even narrow things by hours of the day.

EPoS Update – View Last Order

Here at Kobas we’re all for using as little paper as possible and we know that in certain business environments, you don’t want to be printing a receipt for every single transaction.

However, if you’re using Kobas Loyalty and your customer has forgotten their card, they’ll need their receipt so that they can  redeem the code.

To achieve this in the past, you’d have needed to have senior permissions, as you would need to access the admin menu to retrieve the order.

With the new “Previous Order” button, anyone can view and print their last order. Best of all, we’ve cut it down from 4 button pushes down to two, saving time and effort for your front of house staff.

Customer Export Addition

Another new enhancement is the addition of two new columns to the customer export (found on the Your Customers > Customers page), that will allow you to monitor customer activity that might be considered suspicious.

When a customer redeems loyalty points online using receipt codes, we already restrict the amount of codes that can be redeemed in a 24-hour window to a maximum of 5, before the customer is prevented from redeeming more. We now track how many times each customer has reached this maximum redemption threshold in the last 90 days, and include this as a column on the customer export.

We have also implemented a column to show the number of a times within a 90-day period that an individual customer has scanned their card for multiple transactions in a single day. For example, if a customer scans their card for 3 separate transactions in a single day, this is logged as a single instance. If the same occurs again the next day, then this would be logged as a second instance.

Neither of these activities might be considered suspicious in isolation. However, if you have reason to believe that somebody is fraudulently scanning a single loyalty card for unrelated transactions to amass points, or collecting receipt codes for similar purposes, these new columns will allow you to identify that this is occurring and act if necessary.

That’s all for this week, but we’ve a few more updates on the way, so watch this space!

If you’d like to learn more about getting the most out of Kobas Loyalty,  please get in touch with our support team.

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