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About Liz Longley

“Here from the States to bring the world famous American customer service experience to all Kobas users. Sucker for a good bottle of wine and beautiful music. Devoted to my cat, Olive.”


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With around 2 million people in the UK living with a food allergy, we know how important it is to be able to record and display this information at restaurants and bars. This is why we’ve been hard at work creating a way for you to do just that!

We are happy to present our brand new Allergens Manager. This manager […]

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Default Rota Roles

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Following the release of our new rota creator, we received some valuable feedback from clients on how we could make it even better. As a result, we’ve just released a feature which will make creating a rota even more efficient. There is now the option to choose a default rota role for all staff members.

Having a default rota role will […]

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Adding Notes to Hours Worked

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It’s that time of year again, where the weather gets colder and the sniffling and coughing on trains becomes the new soundtrack of your commute.  Sick days are inevitable, so we’ve added a tool to help keep track of these.

We’ve just released an update that will allow the addition of notes when logging sick leave, or any other type of […]

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Staff Features and Updates

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We have been very busy the last couple weeks here at Kobas working on various features. Some updates that you might have seen in recent weeks include Recipe By Consumption Mode, Countdown to Sold Out and Multiple-Select PISCS.

In addition to that, we’ve been working hard enhancing our staff section in Cloud. This includes many new features in the current staff […]

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Public Name Option for PLUs

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Here at Kobas, we love creating features for our clients that can provide them with multiple benefits all bundled up in one. Our newest Public Facing Name option for PLUs is no different! This feature was designed to not only provide greater clarity when navigating your Kobas account and reports, but will also look great to your customers.

Previously, if you […]

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Compensation Options on EPoS

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Our team here at Kobas have been working on a great new feature, which we think will make life easier for our till and cloud users alike. This feature will allow the addition of a Compensation, Director, or Waste reason to be added on EPoS, and will shortly appear on the Discount Report.

We all know life isn’t perfect, and sometimes […]

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Auto Logout Post Transaction

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Here at Kobas, we have been working hard as ever and have not come up empty handed! We are happy to announce a new feature that will provide even more customisation, with the tick of a box.

It is now possible for users to set tills to automatically log out after a completed transaction. Prior to this update, this was set on […]

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Discount Prioritisation

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Here at Kobas, we have continued on from our introduction of single-use percentage discounts with another update to the discount manager. Discounts are a great way of attracting new customers and rewarding existing ones, but some discounts are more important than others.

We’re happy to announce that our latest update allows for hassle-free discount prioritisation, putting the control at your fingertips […]

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Transfer Requests for Area Managers

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Transfer requests between venues are often part of a normal day for Kobas users, which is why it’s so important for us to make it as smooth an experience as possible. After receiving valuable user feedback, we have updated our transfers system to provide even more value for our clients.

This is the beginning of a larger project on permissions and […]

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All New Recipe Backdating

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Here at Kobas HQ we know that opening a new venue can be a hectic process. Between installing all the necessary hardware and making sure the fridges are stocked, adding a recipe to every PLU on your new menus may take a backseat. In an effort to make your lives easier, we are eager to announce a new update which […]

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