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About Jesse Baker

Jesse is our head of User Experience (UX), and is responsible for ensuring all aspects of KOBAS are easy and enjoyable to use. Jesse, Neil and James first worked together in 2007, and have reunited to ensure KOBAS remains an industry leading hospitality management solution.

New KOBAS Features! Our final update of 2013 is here

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It seems like every month we start by exclaiming just how busy we’ve been and this month is no exception as we race towards Christmas.

EPoS Features
Our headline feature this month is the discount Availability Planner. Following on from our recent work on discounts, this month we bring a massive increase in functionality to discounts by allowing you to specify when, […]

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KOBAS Cloud Interface Upgrade

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As more and more of our customers access KOBAS from portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones it has become an increasing priority for us to improve usability on those devices. This is done by making our interface more touch friendly, supporting a wider array of web browsers, including those used on tablets and phones, and by improving the […]

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