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About James O'Sullivan

James' love affair with the hospitality industry began early in life and coming from a coding background he found himself in an ideal position to combine these two passions to help bars and restaurants save time and money. James runs the business but always keeps close to the coal face. Backed with an incredible breadth of knowledge from restaurant operations through point-of-sale protocols to corporate finance management, James is our incredibly hard working noble leader.

Kobas in VIP at Festivals

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We are wellie deep in festival season and we are excited to have worked with some of the UK’s biggest festivals. It’s always great to work with one-off events and large venues, but festivals are a special type of venue. The sheer geographical size of the events, and indeed the footfall, offer exciting challenges, but the primary requirement from our […]

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Tronc Weighting

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Following some feedback from a number of customers that they would like to have the ability to reward some of their staff by giving the top performers a higher share of the venue’s tips, we’ve today launched the ability to weight each employee’s tip allocation.

Found on their full staff profile next to their core pay details, such as hourly rate […]

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Frank’s Café Installation

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Case Study – Frank’s Café

In June 2014 KOBAS installed a large 15 station EPoS system at the top of Peckham multi-story car park in just a few hours, with less than a week’s notice. Here’s how it happened.

It’s midday on Monday 23rd June 2014 and the KOBAS team have just three and a half days until the EPoS installation at […]

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KOBAS Launches Pre-Recruitment

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Recruitment isn’t an easy business at the best of times, and it’s made worse by hoards of applications from people that are never going to make the grade or don’t have the right qualifications. In an effort to make the process just that little bit better KOBAS has launched a pre-recruitment portal that allows you to control who can apply […]

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The Power of Open Data

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In a recent post, we talked about the benefits of an integrated hospitality management system like KOBAS. In short, KOBAS enables you to save time and money by connecting all the elements that make your business tick over into one manageable interface, accessible from anywhere. What’s more, you can now combine the information collected from each data source to pull […]

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The Benefits of Integrated Hospitality Management from KOBAS

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A decade ago we lived in a very different world: property value was always going to go up, England had a promising football team and collecting, managing and organising all the data in your hospitality business was difficult, laborious and costly. Thankfully times have changed, though not for the better on the property and football fronts.

The first major change was […]

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