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“Left bars for tech, combined them at KOBAS. Loves Watford FC, good beers and bass.”

Zero Price PISC Printing

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Post Item Selection Configuration Groups, besides being a mouthful to say and usually abbreviated as PISCs, allow for cooking instructions, additions, modifications, or price changes to be applied to a base EPoS Item. These will then be appended to work dockets to the kitchen, informing the staff that changes to the usual preparation will need to be made.

Up until today, […]

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GDPR: Staff Personal Details

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Throughout the beginning of this year, we will be maintaining updates on our work behind the scenes to ensure readiness for compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation that is introduced on May 25th 2018.

Today, I’m happy to announce the latest instalment of that work, which not only ensures compliance with the new laws, but also provides a nifty […]

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Staff Profile Scan Manager

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Kobas allows for end-to-end HR management from recruitment through to rotas and payroll. As part of the “New Starter” process, it’s also possible to upload and manage scans or documents for all of the aspects of HR that we don’t cover ourselves: be they signed contracts, references, or training sign-offs.

Up until today, we’ll admit this hasn’t been the quickest process. […]

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Set Menus and Receipt Changes

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With a huge update due later in the week, I’m happy to announce that we’ve also released two smaller changes to our discount and venue managers that may have flown under your radar. Both of these features include changes to the presentation of receipts, in our unending commitment to not only provide ease and clarity for our users, but also […]

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Business Summary Report Email

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Our latest addition to the wide reaching reports of Kobas is a new weekly email detailing key performance indicators across your business, focusing on operational efficiency across sales, stock, and staffing at each of your venues.

In our dedication to providing insights through data, this email looks far beyond just numbers. Pulling in a host of information that can help explain […]

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All New Rota Creator

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Following a closed beta with some of our clients, our long fabled, brand new rota creator is now live! It has taken us longer than we’d hoped, but we are really excited to announce such a powerful new feature, and one that is such a marked improvement on its predecessor.

We’ve had a lot of feedback for the legacy rotas package […]

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Recipe By Consumption Mode

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Kobas provides live insights into your company’s operational efficiency and profitability by tracking and comparing live sales data with ingredient usage. Simply put, if you create a recipe for your EPoS Items in Kobas Cloud, our servers will automatically calculate the profit made on each sale that goes through your EPoS.

That in itself is not news, but today’s update now […]

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The Final Countdown… To Sold Out

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As we count down the days to Christmas, we are fast approaching the time of year in which we cease EPoS updates in order to ensure maximum stability over the busy festive period. With that in mind, we’ll have our very own advent calendar of sorts, with incremental updates and stock-fillers deploying every few days.

Having run out of yuletide puns, […]

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Multiple Select Post Item Selection Configuration

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Despite the mouthful, this latest update is going to take a big bite (ha-ha) out of the amount of time it takes to set up certain EPoS items, that your staff spend keying in certain orders, and the amount of paper being used by your kitchen printer. Triple-whammy time savings.

Post Item Selection Configuration groups, sometimes called ‘modifiers’, are options that […]

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Online Ordering with Preoday and Kobas

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Kobas brings together your EPoS, stock and HR to provide a seamless operational system, yet we also integrate with a number of other third-party systems to provide email marketing, accounting, and payroll solutions. Today, we are very happy to announce our new online ordering solution, powered by Preoday.

Preoday provides an integrated web and app based platform that allows customers to […]

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