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About Chris Young

“From the north of England via New Zealand, I go where it takes to deliver top notch customer service and righteous guitar solos. I intend to contribute at least one of these two things to KOBAS.”

User level manager enhancements

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We recently announced some exciting changes that are underway with how we approach permissions and user levels. One of the first steps in this process is the launch of some handy enhancements that make the user level manager (Administration > User Levels) a more user friendly and effective tool than ever before.

The number of staff members assigned to a user level is now instantly presented when you land on the […]

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Money off discounts and pre-paid payments

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Everybody loves a discount. Whether you are getting money off your order or redeeming a pre-paid gift voucher you received for Christmas, discounts are a welcome bonus to any purchase.

Kobas already allowed you to create fixed value discounts, such as £5 off a bill, but we have now made the distinction between money off discounts and pre-paid vouchers clearer for both you […]

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Christmas Support Hours 2015

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Christmas is here and it’s time to be merry! We are dedicated to ensuring all our clients have successful operations across the period, but as we’ll be getting our share of festivities too, here is how we will be responding to queries over the next fortnight:

25th – 27th December & 1st – 3rd January: Response will be limited only to […]

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