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Kobas  Cloud

Disaster Recovery Plan

Here at Kobas we understand our responsibility to provide rock solid in-venue EPoS and Cloud based hospitality business management platforms. This document is a statement of the Kobas business continuity and disaster recovery plan. It covers the three pillars of the Kobas platform: your venues, your Cloud service, and our operational headquarters.

In the event of any disaster situation, the best point of contact is to email us at Our email help-desk relies on Microsoft’s Office 365 and Amazon’s AWS platforms. If you suspect either of these is unavailable due to such an outage being reported in the press, please try to contact us using any of our social media or telephone numbers on our Contact Us page.

Kobas in your venue

While we appreciate that Kobas is crucial for your venue’s trading operation, all parties should be aware that it requires a stable power supply, a stable Local Area Network (LAN), and a clean and dry environment in which to function.

Kobas EPoS relies on a client-server architecture. It does not need a working internet connection in order to perform basic trade functions, though an internet connection is required for remote assistance, software updates, end of trade reconciliation and some loyalty functions.

In most circumstances it is recommended that dedicated server hardware is located in a quiet, secure, climate controlled part of the building. In small venues where there is only a single till, it is recommended to use the till as both the server and the client in order to reduce points of failure. It is recommended that all Kobas devices, and all network infrastructure, is protected by Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).

It is recommended that at least one till per venue is of a specification strong enough for it to act as a server and client in the event of the dedicated server failing.

In the unlikely event of system failure, the venue staff should ensure all equipment is on, that all network apparatus is functioning correctly, and that all cables are securely in place. If problems persist, our support team should be emailed at This is always the fastest way to obtain a response in an emergency, as messages are automatically relayed via smartphone push to nominated support staff.

Kobas venue dedicated servers are specified to be industry standard, server grade machines from reputable manufacturers. To date we have only shipped Dell PowerEdge servers specified with dual hard disk drives in RAID 1 formation for ultimate data protection and integrity. Servers with more drives for further redundancy, redundant memory and redundant power supplies can be arranged if requested.

Kobas venue dedicated servers are monitored using a combination of Dell’s industry standard OpenManage software, and our own application specific tools.

Where there is no space for a dedicated server, and the reassurance of a server grade machine is not required by a client, a server/till combination model is available. This will also feature dual hard disk drives in RAID 1 formation for data protection and integrity, and will still benefit from our own application specific monitoring tools.

In the unlikely event of our support team being unable to rectify any issues remotely, and the diagnosis being total server failure, our procedure is to nominate another till to become the server until the original unit is replaced. This is a process that can usually be completed remotely within an hour. Kobas recommends that the nominated till is in the quietest location within the venue. Where this isn’t possible, the last resort is to fall back to pen and paper until we can have an engineer on-site with replacement hardware.

For more information about how we protect your data within your venue, please see our Service Level Agreement clause about backups.

Kobas Cloud

Kobas Cloud runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’re in good company. AWS is of course ISO 27001 compliant.

While we do use many of the AWS resilience features, and we have complete faith in the AWS platform as a whole, we also have a program of taking full backups twice weekly. In the event of a catastrophic failure of the AWS EU infrastructure, we would be able to resurrect the Kobas service on an alternative platform within days, with data no more than a week out of date.

Our operational headquarters

Your EPoS venue data, your Kobas Cloud data, and our intellectual property software, is all held on encrypted volumes at our operational headquarters. This is in turn regularly backed up onto other encrypted volumes and transferred to a secure remote facility.

In the event of any catastrophic incident that destroyed our operational headquarters, all Kobas and backup client information could be resurrected onto replacement servers from these off-site backups within 24 hours. The Kobas team all have encrypted laptops and can all work from anywhere with an internet connection.

For further information about our commitment to business continuity, please see our general Service Level Agreement.

Thank you for using Kobas.