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Online Ordering: Tips

By Dan Gilligan |

Staff are the lifeblood of any business and in few industries is this felt more strongly than in hospitality. This year has thrown a lot at all of us, but hospitality workers have been on the frontline, not only providing service, but also ensuring the health and safety of their customers in constantly shifting circumstances throughout this pandemic.

Our main aim here at Kobas, is always to make life easier for our users. Our new table ordering solution has allowed staff to limit contact with customers whilst providing speed of service and secure payments. Unfortunately, this has limited the scope of tipping options, as payment has been taken through an online portal.

With our latest update to our online ordering portal, we’re delighted to make it simpler than ever for our newest users (our clients’ customers) to tip and reward hard-working staff in a range of ways.

To start accepting tips, access the Venue Manager’s “Online Ordering” tab. Here, venues can be configured to accept tips per consumption mode by selecting the “Accept Tips” checkbox. This then opens up further options for a “Default”, “High”, and “Low” percentages. These are suggested amounts that can be applied by a customer in one click. Perfect for rounding up an odd-numbered bill!

The final piece of configuration allows the CIC to automatically apply the default percentage at the checkout stage, which a customer can then choose to remove if they wish.

We are very happy to release a feature that will provide such a direct benefit for our users and we hope to see generous customers across the country reward the frontline staff who keep things moving as we enter the festive period and the end of what has been a long year.

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