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Latest Kobas Venues – Q2 2019

By Genevieve Fontanilla |

Working at Kobas puts us in a wonderful cross-over space between London’s web technology scene, and the UK’s burgeoning hospitality industry. That means we get to work with fascinating new technology to constantly improve the Kobas platform, and it also means we get sneak previews of hundreds of bars, pubs, cafés, clubs and restaurants.

As ever in these updates, we look for new venues that demonstrate the variety of hospitality operations that can benefit from becoming a part of Kobas. This time, we’ve chosen to highlight our second venue at the O2, a takeaway based pizza restaurant and a ramen + bar restaurant in Bermondsey.

Beer + Burger opened their fourth location at the O2 in April

Beer + Burger have been with Kobas since 2016, and we are delighted to see their continued expansion with the most recent opening at the O2.

Hasty Tasty joined Kobas in May

Hasty Tasty specialises in pizza’s on-the-go with locations across London. The restaurant offers various toppings and introduces new and different flavour combinations regularly.

Hakata Ramen + Bar joined Kobas in April

Hakata Ramen + Bar, a newly-opened Japanese restaurant and bar in Bermondsey, serves a range of ramen, small plates, bao buns, and katsu sandos made with premium Japanese and British ingredients. All of which you can pair with Japanese craft beer, sake or whisky.

About Genevieve Fontanilla

Moved to London from Vancouver, Canada. Left the rain for more rain. Fuelled by spicy food, tequila and travelling. Passionate about Beyoncé and learning about beers.