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Yapster Integration

By Genevieve Fontanilla |

We are delighted to announce our newest partnership, this time with Yapster, a GDPR-compliant mobile messaging app that allows for company-wide communication in a secure, closed network environment. In addition to messaging, the app has a built-in social feed that allows everyone in the organisation to share key milestones and important information as they happen – eliminating the need for non-essential emails.

Boiled down to its essence, when the integration is activated, Yapster will send Kobas a request for API credentials, which will be revealed once switched on in Kobas Cloud.

Kobas will then send Yapster company details such as venues, staff members, staff skills, and staff user levels. Yapster then imports the details to allow for every staff member of each venue to have a user account.

Getting it set up is simple. All you need to do is access Administration > Integration Settings > Communication on Kobas Cloud. Tick the checkbox and your API Credentials will be revealed that you will need to supply to you Yapster. Click the icon next to API Credentials to copy.

Our Yapster integration is available to our clients now and is included in the Kobas licence. If you need help, please contact our please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.

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