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Transfer Requests for Area Managers

By Liz Longley |

Transfer requests between venues are often part of a normal day for Kobas users, which is why it’s so important for us to make it as smooth an experience as possible. After receiving valuable user feedback, we have updated our transfers system to provide even more value for our clients.

This is the beginning of a larger project on permissions and territories, which aims to make life easier for larger groups.

Previously, when a transfer request was made, only the involved venue managers would receive an email notification. We’ve now added a new system preference that allows area managers to receive all transfer emails within their territory. This should particularly benefit businesses with a centralised operations team.

How To:

Simply select “Administration” -> “System Preferences” and “Operations” from the drop-down box. Here you will see an action titled “Send Transfer Requests to Area Managers?” If you find this to be useful, tick the box and your area managers will now receive any relevant transfer request emails! Easy as pie.

Speaking of pie, go ahead and treat yourself for making it through this blog post, and make sure to check back soon for more useful updates!

About Liz Longley

“Here from the States to bring the world famous American customer service experience to all Kobas users. Sucker for a good bottle of wine and beautiful music. Devoted to my cat, Olive.”