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Restrict Ingredients By Venue

By Chris Young |

Kobas offers powerful stock control tools to manage and track your stock, whether you are a single site operator or running a chain of venues.

However, until now, any ingredients created in a Kobas account did not discriminate between venue; if an ingredient existed in Cloud, then it could be ordered or stock checked at any site. This changes today with the release of new tools to restrict which venues your ingredients are available in, giving you more control over stock availability on a venue by venue basis.

Restrict by orders and stock checks

There are now two tiers of restriction that can be applied to an ingredient at any venue. Ingredients can either be restricted from being able to be ordered by a venue, or from being able to be ordered and stock checked by a venue.

This way, if an ingredient has been in use at a venue but is due to be phased out, then you can restrict the ability of that venue from being able to order more stock of that ingredient, whilst ensuring that remaining stock can still be stock checked. Once the venue has depleted its remaining stock, you can further restrict the ingredient from being stock checked at that venue.

Alternatively, if each of your venues use totally different ingredients, then restricting the ability for venues to order or stock check ingredients they do not use will prevent irrelevant ingredients from appearing where they are not needed.

Restrict by venue, or by individual ingredient

If you would like to bulk restrict multiple ingredients at a given venue, then this can be done using the new Tools tab in the venue manager. Alternatively, you can choose how you restrict an individual ingredient at every venue by simply editing that individual ingredient in Kobas Cloud.

For more information on how to apply ingredient restrictions to your venues, please contact support.

Alternatively, if you would like more information on how Kobas is the right solution for your stock management needs, please contact us.

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