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A New Way To Integrate

By Chris Young |

Kobas is a comprehensive solution for managing your business, but you may occasionally want to complement it with other tools you use for your operations. With that in mind, our latest development is a brand new page where you can manage the integration of third-party applications with Kobas.

To find the new Integration Settings page, go to Administration > Integration Settings. Activating any supported integration is as simple as ticking the box beside it. You can fill in the relevant settings to correspond with any requirements the other application might need from Kobas, and once you click “Save Settings” you are good to go.

Our first step towards smooth third-party integration is an overhaul of how Kobas handles Sage integration. Previously, all settings for Sage integration were housed under System Preferences, making them a bit tricky to make sense of unless you already knew what you were doing. The introduction of the new Integrations Settings page has simplified this immensely, centralising all Sage integration settings in one place.


Simplifying how we integrate with Sage is just the beginning, and the Integration Settings page is the framework upon which integration with more applications will be added. This is going to be an ongoing project, so check back to see what further third-party integration we will support in future!


About Chris Young

“From the north of England via New Zealand, I go where it takes to deliver top notch customer service and righteous guitar solos. I intend to contribute at least one of these two things to KOBAS.”