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A brand new PLU creation page – out now

By Daisy Lang |

We’ve just released a brand new page to improve the experience of creating and editing your PLUs in Kobas Cloud. PLUs are the items that get added to your EPoS menus and sold in your venues. They can have a variety of settings, all of which are controlled through the new page.

For each PLU you can set properties such as name, category and venue availability, along with the relevant pricing and tax rates for each consumption mode. To generate accurate stock usage for each PLU you sell, you can set up a recipe for the item, and you can also define any post item selection configuration groups to be chosen for the item when it’s sold. Finally, the page also contains the print settings which control where work dockets are printed for the PLU.

There’s no new functionality on the page for now, just a much smoother user experience, but the update does pave the way for some exciting new PLU related features down the line.

Check out our guide for more info on PLUs and how they relate to other areas of Kobas.

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