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Improved rota visibility permissions

By Daisy Lang |

As a result of feedback from our users, we’ve made some changes to the rota section. The visibility of certain parts of your rota are now dependant on what permissions you have.

Our rota pages are split into two main parts – the upper section, detailing the venue financials, such as labour spend, sales, holiday and bonus accrual etc and the lower section, detailing the shifts to be worked by each team member. The changes will mean you can see the following information in each case:

Rotas > View – Can see shifts in all venues, but no financials
Rotas > Manage Home Venue – Can see shifts in all venues, but financials in home venue only
Rotas > Manage All – Can see shifts and financials in all venues

We hope this will improve the KOBAS experience for lower level users who’d previously had access restricted due to the financial information being visible.


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