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A new Staff Turnover report and customer friendly discount names

By Daisy Lang |

Yet more exciting features and improvements in KOBAS Cloud for you this week. Here are the highlights:

A brand new Staff Turnover report

OK, we’ll admit this report did already exist, but we’ve rebuilt it from the ground up to increase its usability and usefulness tenfold. This report provides data on applicants progressing through your recruitment process, as well as numbers of staff who have joined you, progressed from new starter to full current staff, those who have left, and an overall staff count for the business. All these can be filtered by date range, with further filtering for venue and user level for those beyond the recruitment phase. You can find the new report under Reports > Staff Turnover in KOBAS Cloud.


New customer facing names for loyalty discounts

Until now, we’ve only supported one name for discounts. Generally OK, but trying to come up with one name that make sense in KOBAS Cloud, on your tills, and in the customer facing loyalty portal and emails can sometimes be tricky (especially when some of those have a character limit). To tackle this, we’ve introduced a new customer facing name for discounts. You set it up on the discount edit page and it’s displayed in the customer voucher notification emails and in the loyalty portal. If you don’t fill it in, we’ll fall back to the regular discount name, and that always gets used on the tills, so bear in mind it’s not 100% internal!

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