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Making our stock usage reports smarter

By Daisy Lang |

Controlling and tracking assets and costs is a big part of what the Kobas system does best. Recently one of our customers came to us and told us that we weren’t quite allowing them to do that at as high a level of detail as they’d like. We listened, and as a result we have a new and improved way of assessing usage variance and gross profit that gives our users greater control than ever over what contributes to those figures.

The latest Kobas Cloud release brings with it a new way of flagging categories of items that you want to keep tabs on from a stock control perspective, but are not goods you are selling to customers. As a result they will be excluded from your usage and variance calculations on the Stock Usage Comparison Report, and will not contribute to your GP calculations.

Some items that might benefit from being excluded in this fashion could be chemicals, labels or hygiene supplies etc. You’d likely want to track these kinds of things through Kobas, for ordering, deliveries and stock check purposes, but they would never rack up any theory usage as they are not goods that get sold. Previously this meant an impact upon your overall usage variance, control gap and GP, however now by excluding the relevant ingredient categories these items will not contribute to the figures.

To mark an ingredient category as non-saleable goods, visit Admin > Ingredient Categories, edit the category in question and simply check the tick box to exclude it as described above. Please note that ingredients in excluded categories cannot be added to recipes for Products, PLUs or Post Item Configuration Groups.



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