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Flexible Stock Checks

By Neil Mukerji |

Flexible Stock Checks

We know that stock checks aren’t the most exciting part of life in the hospitality industry, but we also know how crucial they are to monitoring your business. That’s why we’ve just released an update to our stock check tool to make it easier than ever to take a quick, accurate stock check.

KOBAS allows you to specify the size of a delivery pack, how many units are within that pack, and how that ingredient is used in recipes. So for instance wine might come in a case of 12x 750ml bottles. This would give you a pack size of 12, and a unit volume of 750ml. This may be sold as a full unit (bottle), or in 125ml, 175ml and 250ml measures.

At stock check time you can now enter any combination of full packs, units, and measurements. So if a glance around the cellar tells you there’s a full case, and you can see 5 bottles on the shelf, and you can weigh out another 325ml in a partially used bottle, your line check might look like this:

Stock Check

Naturally if you need to make amends, all these values are re-displayed and may be edited when viewing a historical stock check.

Edit Stock

So now you can spend less time on your stock checks and get more accurate results. Don’t forget to analyse your findings using the Stock Usage Comparison Report!

About Neil Mukerji

Neil is responsible for the sustained growth of the business and for keeping our technology super-keen. Prior to joining Kobas, Neil has over a decade of experience running an online marketing platform, and before that engineered solutions for the MoD. He loves working in growing software companies and he loves the hospitality industry - what a combo!