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Evolution of Safe Logs and Till Logs

By Bhavin Kothari |

Only last month we announced a raft of improvements to our Daily Task Management section. This allows us to tailor fit a huge range of opening and closing tasks for every KOBAS client, ensuring you have a slick, clean and manageable Daily Task process for all your venues.

We received some great feedback on this (mainly positive!) but something that came up a couple of times is the relationship between Safe Logs and Till Logs. Previously Safe Logs and Till Logs had to be entered at the same time – our process expected all clients to process these things simultaneously in a form that looked like this:

Old Safe and Till Log entry

Some of our clients have requested that they be able to log their Safe and Till logs separately, usually because they want to log their Till logs daily, but wish to handle their Safe Logs less frequently. We have therefore separated out Safe and Till logs so they are distinct tasks. This of course means that following our update to Daily Tasks that allows each KOBAS account holder to set any schedule for any Daily Task, it’s a piece of cake to set up Daily Till Logs and Weekly Safe Logs.

Here’s a screenshot of the new separate Till Log task:

Till Log task

Using that form you can choose to log each cash denomination and KOBAS will tot it up, or you can simply enter a total if you don’t need to log the denomination you’ve got in each till.

Historical Safe Logs and Cash Logs can be viewed separately in the Daily Tasks section.

About Bhavin Kothari

Bhavin is the technical muscle behind KOBAS. He spends his days lost in a world of PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. Simply pour in Shloer, cookies and ice cream, and watch in awe as more KOBAS flows from his fingertips.