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A Simple Email Service (SES)

By Neil Mukerji |

We’re in the process of moving our customers to a new email delivery platform. This post outlines why we are doing this, what the benefits are, and what action our customers need to take.

What’s SES?
SES is the Simple Email Service provided by Amazon’s Cloud Computing entity, Amazon Web Services. It provides businesses with a managed email delivery platform for transactional and marketing email messages.

What email does KOBAS send?
KOBAS sends an awful lot of email on behalf of our customers. There’s marketing email such as birthday offers and monthly newsletters, and transactional correspondence such as booking confirmation emails and survey invites.

Why does KOBAS need SES?
We used to send our email directly from our servers. This works to a point, but as more clients come on board we’ve needed a larger platform to manage and monitor our email. This means we can get as many emails as possible to the inbox and avoid those dreaded spam filters.

How does this affect KOBAS customers?
In order to use SES we need to be able to prove that we’re allowed to send email on our customers’ behalf. This means our customers need to nominate the email domain(s) they’ll be sending from, and we’ll need to help them set some additional DNS records. These DNS records won’t affect anything else, but they allow us to verify our right to send email on our customers’ behalf, and they can help improve email delivery.

How does this affect our customers’ customers?
The main benefit should be a higher change of them receiving great marketing offers and valuable transactional email direct to their inbox. Their email client might let them know the email has arrived via SES, but it’ll always also carry our customer’s name and email address. Reply-to buttons will of course work as they always used to.

If you’ve got any questions about this or any other aspect of KOBAS, don’t hesitate to contact us at

About Neil Mukerji

Neil is responsible for the sustained growth of the business and for keeping our technology super-keen. Prior to joining Kobas, Neil has over a decade of experience running an online marketing platform, and before that engineered solutions for the MoD. He loves working in growing software companies and he loves the hospitality industry - what a combo!