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By Neil Mukerji |

We’ve just posted our Business Development Manager vacancy on the fantastic Work In Startups website.

I’m a huge fan of startup culture. KOBAS is now my third successful startup venture, following adventures in online marketing and online ticketing. Many of our clients are startups too.

BeAtOne celebrated their 15th birthday yesterday night. We celebrated with them, which was incredibly good fun, even if it did result in a slow start this morning! Their story is inspriational: the three founders worked together at TGI Fridays in the 90s, and broke away to start their own bar and do things their own way. They are now a runaway success story, and we’re proud to be involved and to help them along the way.

Work In Startups

The Work In Startups website is an incredibly useful hub for talented people to network and find new opportunities to progress. Their weekly email newsletter and blog are fascinating reads.

It makes perfect sense for us to advertise with them and to lend them our support. We’re looking for enthusiastic, bright and influential candidates for our vacancies here. We’re not looking for drones, we don’t have an overbearing management structure. We work together as a team, we help each other out and we thrive on being flexible and passionate about what we do.

Working in a startup isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you, it’s fantastic!

About Neil Mukerji

Neil is responsible for the sustained growth of the business and for keeping our technology super-keen. Prior to joining Kobas, Neil has over a decade of experience running an online marketing platform, and before that engineered solutions for the MoD. He loves working in growing software companies and he loves the hospitality industry - what a combo!

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  1. Jesse on May 23rd, 2013 12:26

    You’ve just missed one but I’ve heard that is a good place to look for start up talent.